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Finding Calm: Fidget Toys for Skin Picking Relief

Discover relief for skin picking through the therapeutic benefits of fidget toys and innovative Pick ‘N Peel Stones products. Learn how these tactile solutions offer a satisfying sensory experience and provide a safe and discreet alternative to skin picking. Incorporate these tools into your daily routine to find a sense of calm and control over stress and anxiety.

When is Hyper-fixation Beneficial?

When is Hyper-fixation Beneficial?

What is hyper-fixation and when can it be beneficial to an individual instead of seen as some type of hindrance. We believe every type of hyper-fixation can be helpful in certain scenarios.

Fidget Toys for Skin Picking

Fidget Toys for Skin Picking

Many people suffer from Dermatillomania and are looking for a solution. We explain why fidget toys for skin picking disorders can be extremely useful to many.

What Makes Pick ‘N Peel Stones So Special?

What Makes Pick ‘N Peel Stones So Special?   Our Quality   Our secret formula is the only thing like it on the market, and we worked incredibly hard to perfect our filler recipe. We wanted to make the filler as satisfying as possible for you by imitating a “pull and snap”...

How to: Filling Both Sides of a Pick ‘N Peel Stone

How to: Filling Both Sides of a Pick ‘N Peel Stone What are the Materials?  We use natural lava rocks because of their unique porous surface which allows for the picking aspect of our product. The filler we use is a latex-based and non-toxic specially designed Pick ‘N Peel Filler...

Combatting Excoriation Disorder

Combatting Excoriation Disorder What is the Excoriation Disorder? Excoriation disorder, commonly referred to as chronic skin-picking or dermatillomania, is a mental illness linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. It is characterized by consistent...

Facing Brachial Plexus Injuries

Facing Brachial Plexus Injuries At Pick ‘N Peel Stones, our company aims to be as inclusive as possible and create an enjoyable experience for everyone. Our products are meant to calm, combat disorders or habits, and satisfy each customer. One of the obstacles...

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