Pick ‘N Peel Stones™ (patent pending) are fidget, sensory stones created to help calm your brain. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, Dermatillomania, ADHD, or maybe you just find picking things satisfying, a Pick ‘N Peel Stone is a great solution. With various stone options, you can choose whether you would like your fidget stone to mimic skin pulling, scab picking, or even peeling that layer of glue from the back of your new debit card. You know what we are talking about!

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Refilling Stones

Sensory Stones

Describe Picking and Peeling

How Do YOU Pick 'N Peel?

Does your S.O. pick YOUR skin? .

Creating Healthier Habits

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meet the owner

This project started with my love of “Satisfying Videos”. You know the ones, 10 minutes of someone carving wood or soap on YouTube. They are so relaxing! So I started looking for a product that would give me that sweet sweet dopamine and serotonin release at home.

I found nothing and I really looked everywhere! I could not believe there wasn’t something out there. Then the wheels started turning. What if I could make something? What would I want it to look like? Through months of playing with this idea, and many dead ends, I think I finally came up with something great. Pick ‘N Peel Stones.

frequently asked questions


Do you have a non-latex version of Pick ‘N Peel filler?

Right now, our only filler is latex-based. However, we are working on creating a non-latex filler in the future. 

Do you ship Pick ‘N Peel Stone products internationally?

Yes. We ship Pick ‘N Peel orders across the globe! Shipping cost varies depending on your location. 

Do you sell Pick ‘N Peel Stones on Amazon?

We do not sell our products on Amazon. We only sell our products at PickNPeelStones.com and though our official Etsy shop. We have also sold products through some other distribution channels, such as Stimmy Girl

What is the Pick ‘N Peel Filler made of? Is it just Puffy Paint?

Our filler is a secret recipe blend of 96% Latex and Rubber. It is not Puffy Paint, for the Puffy Paint does not have the same satisfying “pull and snap” as our filler does.

How do I refill my Pick ‘N Peel Stone once it is empty?

It’s simple to refill a Pick ’N Peel Stone! Check out our video tutorial on how to refill your stone.