Sensory Stones to Help Your Child Focus While Studying

Aug 10, 2022

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Back-to-school season is here, and that means less screen time and more study time for kids after the school day ends. Many children have trouble sitting still and focusing on the task at hand when it comes to studying for tests. Whether it is a fifth-grade spelling test, or a high school history midterm, finding ways to better retain information is always welcomed. What if the answer was as simple as a fidget tool such as a sensory stone or pick stone?

According to, fidgeting can help students better concentrate and retain information. This is crucial when it comes to learning and studying for school subjects.

Create a Study Area in Your Home

Creating a designated study area for child is simple, but extremely effective for concentration. The following steps can be taken to create a relaxing area for your child to study.

Location, Location, Location

First, find a comfortable spot in a quiet part of your home. This could be a dining room table, kitchen counter, or even a family room area.

Make sure there is a table that is easily accessible to your child’s chair or spot on the couch. On the table will be everything your child needs – books, laptop, etc. The table should be easily reached, so they do not have to get up and move around a ton (breaking focus on studying).


Wherever the study area is, distractions should be kept to a minimum. This means, you can create a rule that cell phones are not allowed in the study area (they won’t like it, but they will get things accomplished MUCH faster without it). The TV should never be on and iPads should be shut off (unless, of course it is a school iPad used for studying in the first place).

It may be difficult, but try to make sure the area isn’t a high-traffic area. This is an area where other children, your partner, or even pets are running around and pulling focus from the task at hand (learning).

Fidgets and Drinks and Snacks, Oh My

Once all of the other necessities are in the study area, you can provide drinks and healthy snacks to your child to keep their energy up. Additionally, this is when the fidget tools come into play. Place a Pick ‘N Peel Stone on the study table for your child to use when learning. This will stimulate their brain and allow them to focus more easily.

Though studying in a designated area may not always be possible, it is helpful to have a quiet space with snacks and calming items to assist after-school learning and studying. What are some of your favorite ways to help your child study more effectively?

**We are promoting this fidget method for students when studying at home. Though wonderful for students’ concentration, before any new fidget items, such as Pick ‘N Peel Sensory Stones, are sent to school in your child’s backpack, they should be approved by your child’s school or teacher. This is to assure your child’s product will not be confiscated or cause problems within the classroom. Many times, these are considered “fidget toys” and are not allowed in the classroom during school hours unless approved. Additionally, we know this probably does not need to be said, but just in case here it is… Please do not send your child to school with a Pick ‘N Peel Stones Picker tool. It is very sharp. Enough said. With this, please keep in mind that the Pick ‘N Peel Sensory Stone does not require the Pick ‘N Peel Picker to be used for picking and peeling.