Pick ‘N Peel Stones Sensory Stone Halloween Costume

Oct 26, 2022

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Here us out, Halloween is this weekend, and you may or may not have your costume yet. Maybe you’re trying to think of something clever and unique to win that costume contest your friends are having? You’re in luck, because we have a last-minute costume for you and you’re going to love it. Why not dress up as your favorite fidget toy this year? You can. And we can help!

Here are two ways we suggest creating a Pick ‘N Peel Sensory Stone costume. For the crafty folks, we suggest scrolling down to costume idea number two, The Hardcore Sensory Stone, because it involves some simple (but slightly time consuming) DIYing. Everything you need is linked below. Happy Halloween!

The Sparkle and Shine Fidget Costume

(minimal work)


DIY sensory stone halloween costume supplies easy

For the simple, Sparkle and Shine Fidget costume, we suggest purchasing the following. Find a sparkly, sequins-all-over, teal-colored dress to wear over a grey-colored, longer dress (representing the stone) and purchase oversized pullers to carry. We suggest the ones seen below, from Amazon. To add to this look, carry your Pick ‘N Peel Calming Case with you as well!

Make sure you keep the end protectors on the pullers (large tweezers), so that you don’t injure anyone or yourself. This is a quick and simple way to create the Sensory Stone look this Halloween.

The Hardcore Sensory Stone Costume

(medium work)

 You can technically buy all of these supplies from Amazon, but, if you feel like going to Joann’s to check out the Halloween décor too, we suggest getting your hot glue gun, extra hot glue sticks, and brush or sponge from there. For this fidget stone costume, you will be utilizing your crafting skills.

First, you will paint your base stone (either created or purchased) on each side, as you would your Pick ‘N Peel Stone when you refill it. Once you are happy with the look and feel of this, let the paint fully dry before moving on (overnight should suffice if your paint is not too thick).

Next, grab your pack of CDs. You will want to use the shiny underside of the CD for this part, so that they mimic the picking sequins on the Pick ‘N Peel Sensory Stone. Use your hot glue gun to place these sporadically all over your “filled” stone costume – the more the merrier!

Carry around your pullers and voila! You are a really cool Sensory Stone this Halloween.

If you decide to dress up in a fidget toy costume this Halloween. Please tag us on Instagram @PickNPeelStones. We would love to see your getup!

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