How to: Filling Both Sides of a Pick ‘N Peel Stone

Jun 8, 2022

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What are the Materials? 

We use natural lava rocks because of their unique porous surface which allows for the picking aspect of our product. The filler we use is a latex-based and non-toxic specially designed Pick ‘N Peel Filler which dries but does not harden. This allows you to keep coming back to pick or peel the stone over time, with the fun lasting as long as your filler bottle does before you need a new one! 

The lava stones are special because they must be basalt– this means that the lava was cooled by water and this water created steam which creates tunnels and caverns and nooks and crannies in the stone which can be filled.  

Our filler is special because it took a lot of trial and error to get it just right. Our founder experimented with latex paint, silicone paint, modeling paint, and more. This filler is the only thing like it that gives you instant gratification with the sense of accomplishment from picking a filler of this consistency. It is not hard, and it is not soft, it is the perfect consistency for the pull and snap feeling.  


How To Fill the Pick Side 

The pick side includes a lot of nooks and crannies, allowing for prime picking experience. We recommend using the filler bottle to fill in the big holes first as much as you like, moving the filler around inside the holes. After that, you can drizzle the filler all over the stone and then go over it with the scraper. The scraper’s purpose is to get the filler into all the little holes. Any excess can be pushed down the sides. We recommend scraping until you see the outlines of the holes so that when you go to pick it will be more individual cells. While you wait for your stone to dry overnight, the filler will sink in and give a more defined look. 


How to Fill the Peel Side 

The peel side is a different approach to filling the stone, with a thicker layer of the filler. You want to put the filler on top, and rather than using the scraper to scrape it off and spread it out, you use it to smooth out the thick layer of filler. It is similar to icing a cake where you don’t want to use too much pressure, just a light press to smooth over the top of the layer. This side will take much longer to dry because of the thickness of the layer of filler, so we recommend waiting overnight for it to dry.