Proud Partner

Pick ‘N Peel Stones is a proud partner of two non-profit organizations – Wesley Family Services and Beaver County Rehabilitation Center (BCRC), located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both organizations work with individuals in the greater Pittsburgh region who suffer from intellectual, psychiatric, physical, and developmental disabilities.


How We Work Together

Both Wesley Family Services and Beaver County Rehabilitation Center allow individuals the opportunity to achieve their personal recovery and employment goals. The centers provide increased opportunities of independence and a sense of community to each program participant. BCRC and Wesley Family Services both allow program participants to choose and control which services and therapies they receive during their rehabilitation, and the activities in which they participate in. Additionally, to help cultivate individuals’ skills, the BCRC and Wesley Family Services employment programs allow individuals within the programs to become employed at a job of their choosing – offering personal career growth they may otherwise may not have had.

For us, this means we can support those who may need a stepping-stone in job experience. Our employees at both Wesley Family Services and Beaver County Rehabilitation Center collect paychecks and help count, fill, and inspect our original Pick ‘N Peel Stones prior to packing and shipping. Because of this, we are proud to say that a portion of every Pick ‘N Peel Stone purchase is donated to BCRC and Wesley Family Services in order to fund their employees’ paychecks and therapies.

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