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Growing up in the city of Pittsburgh, I spent my life surrounded by a long history of innovators and hard workers that inspire me to this day. As a wife, mother and recent empty-nester, I stay busy listening to 80’s rock , (somewhat inappropriate) 90’s hip hop, watching all the Marvel movies and hanging out with my two rescue dogs , Remus Lupin and Thor Odinson.

Thanks to the “Great Pause” (and unemployment) my need to channel my anxiousness brought into life the Pick ‘N Peel Stones. Although I wouldn’t wish to relive the year that must not be named, I am so happy that my little project has brought so much happiness to others and absolutely love hearing from my customers about their experience!

Words From The Owner

“I could not get enough of these stones and wondered if I would be the only one, so I tested the waters. I talked to friends and family and asked if they would like to try a stone or two. Lo and behold, it was a hit! I got wonderful feedback from people I knew who would be brutally honest, not just my mom (who loves them btw).¬†I started making stones to sell and here we are!

The goal of the sensory stone is to help people who struggle with skin picking, ADHD and anxiety to stop skin picking, stop picking nails, provide a calming space and act as a helpful fidget. Pick ‘N Peel Stones are palm-sized lava rocks with all kinds of awesome nooks and crannies for our locally-made stone filler to get into. The filler itself is a latex-based, liquid material that, when dried, pulls away ever-so-wonderfully, with the help of the Pick ‘N Peel Picker or Puller tools. One side of the Pick ‘N Peel Stone is hand-dipped in filler to completely cover it and allow you to slowly peel it away. The other side is primed for major picking and excavating the filler out of the small nooks and crannies. The sensory stone filler was specially created to mimic the feeling of picking and peeling skin.

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